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Monday, April 13, 2009

March / April Happenings (2009)

Well, our family has had a lot going on lately and I have not had enough time to get it all compiled yet for blogging. So I am going to give a little recap.

Alicia brought home a new puppy to keep Maggie & Shelby company. His name is Tucker. He is a salt and peppered mini-schnauzer. He is 8 Months old and full of energy. The boys love him and he is a good fit for the family. Shelby (our German Shepherd) is about 12 yrs old and is getting very weary, but she has been a wonderful dog.

We were able to enjoy some time in the evenings to ride bicycles and hang out around Rio Linda due to the pleasant weather.

Brennan and I took a 4-day trip with his school to Westminster Woods over on the coast and had a blast. We hiked through the forest, studied stream ecology, and examined the marine life at the tidepools. It was a fun trip.

Lots more to come this summer. The boys are anxious for our trip at the end of May to LEGOLAND. Then we have the district convention and our camping trip to Ft. Bragg. We'll keep you posted.

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