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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Boys & Bicycles - Feb 2009

Walking back from the bike trail yesterday Brennan made me promise him that
we would go to the BMX track today as it had been over a year since I took
him there. As soon as we got home from the ministry today Owen said he
wanted to try his bike without the training wheels, so I took them off and
we headed down to Westside School for some empty parking lot to practice.
Well, after a couple of pushes he got it just like that. Brennan was very
similar 6 years ago, I wonder who they get it from. Anyway after that
we made an afternoon trip to the BMX track just down the road. The boys
loved it. Brennan said it was his best day and Owen did not want to leave
although he just went over the speed bumps in the parking lot.

Owen Giving thumbs up before we took the training wheels off.

At Westside School getting some coaching from Dad.

Looking confident after some initial cruising.

At the BMX parking lot ready to ride.

Brennan and Owen Having Fun.

I was trying something here by Zooming in and out while depressing the shutter. It is like implying motion as everything but the center looks slightly blurry. I did this on one sunset picture yesterday also. Does it work? You tell me.

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