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Monday, September 6, 2010

Sucessful Surgery for Alicia

For any who have not heard... Alicia underwent surgery on Aug. 24th 2010
for a Micro Vascular Decompression (MVD). There was too much pressure
placed on her Trigeminal nerve by blood vessels causing her excruciating
pain on the right side of her face. During the surgery, the doctor reworked
the congestion around the nerve behind her right ear and massaged the nerve
as well. It seems that the procedure was a success and much of the pain is
gone now. However it will be a few weeks before the healing of the incision
is complete. NOTE COMING FROM THE BOYS AND I (Slade): Thanks to the many
family and friends who have called, stopped by, sent cards, sent prayers,
food and much more. This all has assisted in her recovery the past 2


Current Tides said...

Think about you all often! Thanks for sharing.

i Holdren said...
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i Holdren said...

Hi! I was searching for examples of MVD surgery and came across your blog. I suffer from TN and what's funny is I also happen to be a JW, from New Jersey. (I saw your assembly pictures.) :) If you don't mind, I would like to ask you a couple of questions about how to handle TN and about MVD itself. Thank you.

ilaine holdren