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Monday, January 7, 2008

Playing Catch Up with the Blog

Well I am reduced to putting out an apology for not updating this for 4 months now. How time flies. Working with a computer every day I thought
this would be much simpler. I was wrong. I'm not sure where the disconnect
come from but is definitely there. Well, anyway let me see if I can get
caught up to speed on some things.

Let's start with right after summer. Brennan began life in the 4th Grade.
His little brother was very supportive of Brennan being gone all day and Mom
not having anyone else to schmooze.

Then there was the State Fair. It was a hot day as usual in September, but
we braved the heat to go enjoy a Corn Dog and some rides.

I have to mention our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as there were a lot of
memories on that trip with Mom, Dad, and who could forget Wendy. If you
read this and see her (Wendy), please ask her about the gecko's in her room.
Also of note was Brennan on the Zip Line during Canopy Tour. He had a
blast, and that was before he found the rope swing and made his Mom and Aunt Wendy go on it. The weather during the whole trip was hot and muggy with a frequent thundershower in the evenings, but for the most part enjoyable. I personally will never forget swimming around Los Archos and the sea mosquitoes biting Alicia and her screams.

After we got back from Mexico we began full force on our addition to the
house (aprox. 350 sq ft.). I did not get any pictures of this work that I
wanted to post, but I did catch this candid picture of Owen and his dog
Maggie. He loves posing for pictures with her.

And finally for our 11th year wedding anniversary we took the family out to
the zoo and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. Owen really was into the animals
and wanted to return the next day.

Boy it's sure not easy packing 4 months into a quick little blog. I'll have
to stay more focused in the upcoming weeks to ensure that I can get some
other notable events that took place on record. That's all for now. Talk
to you soon.

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