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Friday, February 13, 2009

Family Walerga Park - Feb 2009

Few weeks back we took the family and called some cousins (Aiden, Cameron,
Corrin, and Gabe) to come play with us at a nearby park. The park had been
remade and it was quite a bit neater than we remembered it. Brennan had a
lot of fun with his boomerang and Corrina got to give it a hurl as well.
Everybody came back exhausted and tired, especially after playing with the
Giant Soccer Ball that Alicia had found for cheap. The little kids loved

Owen on the Spider Net.

Jackie and Corrina Helton

Owen on the slide. This was a steep slide too.

Brennan having fun on the rope.

Corrina on the smaller slide.

Aiden and Cameron Posing for pictures (kind of).

Owen and Corrina huggin.

Group shot of the cousins.

Boomerangs are for Boys!

And Girls.

She has a pretty good arm to boot.

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