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Friday, April 11, 2008

Trip to San Francisco Zoo - April 08

Well, with all the work that has been going into the house lately and with the increased activity in field service during the month of March, we got a wild hair to make a visit to the San Francisco Zoo. That is one place we like to try to visit at least once a year. It ended up being a wonderful day in the bay area. Prior to the zoo we stopped just north of the Golden Gate Bridge to take some pictures and see the city from a different perspective, from the west side of the bridge. It was nice although the bicycle riders were quite outnumbering the cars on the tiny road, Watch out!

Around 1PM we made it to the zoo and enjoyed the park. I was trying out a new camera and we gave Brennan his moms to use. All in all he did a pretty good job. Here are some pictures of the trip. I recommend a visit to the S.F. zoo if you have not been there in the last 3 years. Just dont get too close to the tigers. Oh and dont forget about the steam engine ride inside the zoo (for additional fee). Owen made sure we remembered that part. Brennan said afterward that it was his favorite part of the visit. Good memories!

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